End of Quarter Grades/Late Work

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FOR MY CLASS ONLY:  I am accepting all late work until 2pm Tuesday, October 8th.   I need time to process and enter grades for Quarter 1. 

Please understand that other teachers may cut grades off earlier or later than me for late work.

If you turn any work in on Office 365/Onedrive that was already previously graded, you are responsible for letting me know to regrade it – I do not get automatically notified of late work being turned in.  Emailing me is the best way, or simply leaving a post it note on my desk with your name and the assignment to be regraded also works!

Dark Room Summer Closing

As announced, TODAY is the last day the dark room will be open this school year.  Any darkroom-related assignments must be completed during class or after school today.

The dark room needs to be properly cleaned and chemicals need to be properly disposed of before the school year ends.

Keep this in mind as the 4th quarter end is near.