What are your class expectations?

  • Respect each other, the classroom, the materials, and your educator (me)!
  • Arrive to class prepared and on-task each day – be on-task and working before the bell.  I strictly enforce the tardy policy.
  • Comply to all school policies at all times, especially those concerning camera, computer/internet, and personal device usage.
  • Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated in this class.  I can view the image source/camera used for every photograph a student electronically submits.  Plagiarism includes stolen concepts in addition to using another artist’s photo as your own.  You may use the internet to find inspiration for your assignments but your work needs to be original, creative, and uniquely yours.
  • Have fun, be creative, and be kind!

What is your late policy?

Work is due on the assigned, reasonable due date.

What should I do if I am absent?

If you are absent from class, please see me the following day for any work you may have missed.  It is your responsibility to see me for the work you  may have missed for each day that you were absent.

The assignments will additionally be posted on this website and accessible from any computer or electronic/mobile device.  You can email me at any time with questions.

If you know that you will be absent in advance, please see me ahead of time for any assignments.  Vacations and time away from Lakeland can often result in wonderful photography opportunities!

What is your grade recovery policy?

Any student who earned a grade of a “D” or a “F” on their first 9 weeks report card may have the option of participating in Grade Recovery.

Each assignment is realistically created with an end goal of completion and success.  With this in mind, it is important to address that students’ grades still have the ability to fall for a number of circumstances.

Grade recovery is a district mandated option that meets progress monitoring requirements of state law.  Grade recovery is an option that allows students to complete/redo specific assignments (determined by me) after a period of 9 weeks to improve their “D” or “F” grade to a potential grade of 75%.

If the requirements are not met by the end of the current quarter, the original grade will remain the same.  Please understand that participation in grade recovery does not guarantee a passing grade for the course unless all missing assignments are completed satisfactorily.

How do you grade artwork?

Each assignment is graded according to a rubric that will be presented to the students in advance.  No work of art will be graded or judged based on my own opinion.  There are clear standards on each rubric for the quality of work that each student should meet to receive their cooperating grade.  Occasionally assignments are also graded based solely on completion.

What are your classroom management strategies?

Respect is key in my classroom.  Modeling and identifying appropriate, expected classroom behaviors is often a successful way to communicate my expectations to the students.  We will address and clarify appropriate actions early on in the year to prevent and avoid the opportunity for the students to not behave in an improper way.  I set high, clear expectations and procedures for each class.

I believe in finding the root and cause of any behavioral problem, above all else (other than safety).  Seat changes, student-teacher conferences outside of the classroom or after class, the student working alone rather than in groups or with partners, phone calls/emails home to the parent, team meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and written referrals are all ways I may successfully address a misbehavior.  The severity of a misbehavior will be met with fair and just disciplinary actions that correlate with the action.