Dark Room Summer Closing

As announced, TODAY is the last day the dark room will be open this school year.  Any darkroom-related assignments must be completed during class or after school today.

The dark room needs to be properly cleaned and chemicals need to be properly disposed of before the school year ends.

Keep this in mind as the 4th quarter end is near.

3rd quarter & after school hours this week!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week will be after school days (until 3pm)!

The 3rd quarter ends on Friday for teachers!   As mentioned last week, Tuesday @ 11:59pm is the last opportunity to get late work turned in to me– I will not accept late work after that point UNLESS you stay after on Wednesday and turn work in after school that day.

Remember:  There will be no after-school hours on Thursdays or Fridays from this point forward.  I work another job those evenings and cannot stay after late those two days.